1. How to open Candidate details?

Click on Candidate name to open the detailed information pageCandidates Details Eng1

  1. What do we have on a Candidate details page?

Candidate details page has 04 main sections:

  1. Navigation back to candidates list of the job
  2. Main contact information, tags, note and actions
  3. Summary of candidates’ information
  4. Details resumeCandidates Details 2Eng

Instead of moving candidates into folders, by which 01 candidate belongs to only 01 folder; now you can organize candidates by tags. Just like the way you organize your documents. You can tag anything, by person in charge, by status, by assessment, by language skills…So that later on, you can look for it faster and easilier.Candidates Details 3Eng Candidates Details 4Eng

Beside tags, you can take note too.Candidates Details 5Eng

Here is a sample of how tags and notes are displayed.Candidates Details 6Eng

To download resume of your job posting, you can follow the steps below

*Download each CV: Click at the symbol in the picture below


*Download all CVs in 1 job:  Select all CV by all green tick and click at download at the top



The process may take up to 2 minutes, Click Download button as below to begin downloading CVs to your computer.

eng 3