Candidates Management has 02 pages: Candidates list and Candidate details

  1. How to access to Candidates list?

If you are on the “Jobs” page, click on the “Job Title or “View candidates to go the Candidates List Page. The page will show all candidates who have applied to for the job.Candidates Management 1eng

You can also access to Candidates List Page from menu by selecting “Candidates >> “By JobsCandidates Management 2eng

  1. What do we have on Candidates list page?

A drop-down list displays the last 20 jobs. Select a job here, the page will show all candidates applied to that job.Candidates Management 3en

Candidates list has 02 main sections:

  1. Candidate information
    • Avatar
    • Name
    • Indicate if this candidate has applied for any other jobs in this company
    • The title of this candidate
    • The most recent company
    • The highest education
    • Address
    • Years of Experience: as a separate and sortable column
    • Applied date as a separate and sortable column
  2. Actions
    • Send message to this candidate in a chat-like platform
    • Download resume
    • Click thumb-down to mark this candidate as not-qualified
    • Click thumb-up and select the next status for the candidate: Qualified, To interview, Send email or Passed

You can also check to select multiple CVs and then:

  • Export them into excel file
  • Blacklist if there are any disturbing advertisements
  • Delete inappropriate candidates

To export ALL candidates of a job, Click  on “Export to excel” without selecting any candidates.Candidates Management 4eng

You can filter candidate by a specific status as below:Candidates Management 5eng