Step 1: After logging in, click on “Post a Job” 1.1 Eng

Step 2: Input the required information on the new page

1. Job description:

– Level: Choose 1 out of 4 grades + Entry Level + Experienced (non-manager) + Manager + Director and above

Job Category:

+ Select up to 3 categories related to: vacancies, functions of department or business areas of the company.

+ Click on [X] to delete and select the appropriate category

– Location: select up to 3 locations

– Salary: Select “Yes” if you want to show it. Select “No” to hide it, then candidates will see “Salary: Negotiable

– Skill Tags: 1 minimum keyword describes specific requirements for this position.

– Installation Request letters of recommendation: choose 1out of 3 options below

+ Yes, it is always required (Required)

+ No, it is optional (Show but not required)

+ No, it is never required (Do not show)

Email for applications: you may enter multiple emails, separated by commas “,”

2. Your Company: Input all needed information, include images and video (if any)

Company logo : click on “Upload Logo”, choose a logo to upload. Then click on  “Display logo” to show it when job’s onlined.

Video : copy & paste your Youtube URL Link


+ Click on “Upload Photo” to upload 3 photos of the company / department

+ Click on [ X ] to replace the selected image

+ .jpg .jped .png .gif format; size < 1MB Benefit from the company (All of your job posts will use the same uploaded  photos)

– Click on “Save and Continue

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3. Job Posting:

On “Publish Your Post” page, Click on the job creation package, including Post Job service, Extra Services and displayed Time.

Step 3: Click on “Post Job” >> Click on “OK” at  the next window1.5 Eng

Step4: Check the new job at “Online” page

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