Hiring Process is the new feature of Vietnamworks Employer site that resembles the real recruitment process in real life of a company. Each job has a specific hiring process of its own and is set up when posting the job. There are totally 5 steps in the Hiring Process:

  • Step 1: Receive resume
  • Step 2: Screening resume
  • Step 3*: Check qualification
  • Step 4: Offered
  • Step 5: Hired

*There are smaller rounds in this step

*The last set of rounds will be stored for this new job posting. You can quickly remove all the rounds in step 3 by button ‘Reset this hiring process to default’ at the bottom

Step 3: Check Qualification

While step 1, 2, 4, 5 are fixed steps, step 3 consists of smaller rounds that can be customized depending on the job you are posting. By default, step 3 has only 1 round: interview. Vietnamworks Employer allows you to define up to 10 smaller rounds in order to have a detailed view of the recruitment process.

You can move the rounds up and down to the order you want. Name of each round has a maximum of 50 characters


Rounds in ‘Step 3: Check qualifications’, which are defined during posting job, will be shown in the application list and you can easily move the applications between the steps and rounds to track its progress


You can also easily edit rounds (rename, remove, change order) in the hiring process by clicking ‘Edit’ in the job list.
Note: you cannot delete rounds that have applications inside. For example in the photo above, you cannot edit round 3.1 HR interview.