Option 1: On the Employer Homepage, click on “Buy Now” in “Post A Job” box

(This also applies if you want to buy a resume search package)

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Option 2: Sign in to your account, at any page, you can also select “Buy More Services” at the right corner of the screen

Both methods will lead to the “Buy Now” page. You just need to follow the steps below to complete your order.1.2 Eng

Step 1: Select your Service you want to use. Click on “Add

Note: Job basic is a required service to post your job on VietnamWorks. After having basic job post, you can add more extra service to improve your job visibility.



Step 2: Choose the quantity of the service you want buy. If you want to buy the same product over 10 times or more? Contact us, and get amazing benefits and discounts. ((84 28) 3925 8456) for details.

Click the symbol “Trash” to delete any service you do not want to buy

After finish with your choice, click “Order Now


Step 3: Carefully checking your selected services and enter “Coupon Code” (if available) before choosing payment method


Step 3: Choose your payment methods


See the detail of Payment Methods here