After choosing the service pack , you can select 1 out of  3 methods of payment :

  • Pay by Credit Card
  • Pay by ATM Card
  • Pay by Bank Transfer


1. Pay by Credit Card:

When you pay directly via the website, you can use the following credit cards: VISA, Master Card, American Express.Note: You need to fill in all nesseary information as “Card Type” , “Card number“, “Expiry Date“, “The CSC Code“…. The credit card information will be kept confidential and be confirmed with the bank that issued the card.


2. Pay by ATM:

Step 1: After selecting “Pay by ATM”, OnePay payment gateway will appear. You need to choose the logo of  your issuing bank.

Step 2: When the payment gateway of your card issuing bank appears, you need to do to follow the instructions of the card-issuing bank to complete the payment.

For example: If you pay via Vietcombank, click the logo of Vietcombank, then fill in the required information to make payment under the order.

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3. Pay by Bank Transfer:

If you do not have a bank card with online payment function , you can choose “Bank Transfer” method . Please fill in the necessary information in the table below , then click “Submit Order“. VietnamWorks will contact you to arrange payment and provide the account number , and then you can go to the bank to perform transfer completed order.

You will be able to post your job after payment has been received (24-48 hours, depending on bank transfer times).