You can edit the Hiring Process of your job by doing the following steps:

Option 1: From Jobs list

Step 1: Choose the Job Post

  • On the Toolbar, Click on “Jobs” —-> “Online” or “Draft
  • Click on “More actions” under the Job Title. -> Edit hiring process


Step 3: The ‘Edit hiring process’ page with the old information is shown. You can edit easily:

  • Round’s name
  • Round order


Click Save and Continue to finish editing the Hiring Process


  • By clicking Save and Continue, you have successfully updated the new hiring process although you will be directed to the ‘Select Extra Service’ page.

Option 2: From Candidate list

Step 1: Go to Candidates -> By Jobs -> select the job you want to edit

Step 2: Click ‘More actions’ -> Edit hiring process


Step 3: Same as Option 1

Note: You cannot delete rounds that have applications inside. For example in the photo above, you cannot delete round 3.2 HR interview.