You can view the list of your posted jobs by clicking on the tab ‘Jobs’ on the header

Here, your jobs will be grouped in 5 different categories:

  • Online: Jobs that are currently visible to the job seekers on Vietnamworks website
  • Draft: Jobs that have information but are not posted
  • Inactive: Jobs that used to be online but not inactive
  • Expiry in 7 Days: Jobs that are offline soon within 7 days
  • Expired: Jobs that are no longer visible to the job seekers


After posting jobs, you can:

  • Edit your jobs information
  • Copy: Make a new job post that is the same with a job in the list
  • View candidates: See all the applications apply to a job
  • View Job as job seeker: See how you job is viewed on Vietnamworks website
  • Edit hiring process
  • Upgrade service