Bookmark: save the Resume to your account (have not viewed contact information)

1. How to bookmark a resume:

After clicking on “More detail” on Search Resume Result page, a page of detailed resume of candidates will be displayed.

Click on “Bookmarks” and select “Bookmarked Resume


Or “Add new folder” to create and name a folder of yours.


Then click “Save“, selected profiles will be saved to the created folder.

2. How to remove a Bookmarked Resume in your folder:

Open a resume and click “x” on Bookmarked Resume tag


Then select “Yes” to remove profile in your bookmarked resume folder.


3. How to find your bookmarked resume again:

On the dark blue bar choose “Candidates”, then “By Resume Search


At the right column of the page, click on the side bar of “Bookmarked Resume


The result will show the list of all resumes you have been saved so far.