Step 1: Open “Search Resume“. Enter keywords and required criteria

1.      Keywords: Enter keywords related to the vacancy. You can select “More Search Tips” to see how to find resume effectively with keywords.

2.      Choose other criteria such as Industry, Job Level , Location (If necessary)

3.      Click on “Advanced Search” to add other criteria such as Experience, Nationality, Language, Salary range, Gender (If necessary).

4.      Click on “Search

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Step 2: The  site will display a list of resumes that match your requirements. Click on the name of the candidate to view the resume (not view contact information)

4.2: The number of  views

– 4.4: The number of employers download records

4.3: Credits are deducted if you view contact information of the resume

Step 3:

1.      If the resume meets your requirements:

– Click on  “View Contact Information” to see the whole profile of the candidate (including detailed contact information and Reference (If necessary))

* Note: The number of credit in Resume Searching package will be calculated according to Job Seeker’s level in resume as the following criteria:

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After clicking on “View Contact Information“, the resumes will be automatically saved in “My Candidates” => “By Resume Search“=> “Completed Resumes“. You should keep the record of  the “Completed Resumes” on the computer (under .pdf or .doc file format) by clicking on  “Download Resume“. After 60 days since the package has expired, the resumes will not be saved in the folder “Completed Resumes” anymore.

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2.      When you need to reconsider the resumes: Click on “Bookmarks” (Not view detailed contact information – Reference (If any), and the credits will not be deducted)

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The resumes will be automatically saved in “My Candidates” => “By Resume Search“=>”Bookmarked Resumes

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