I. Visit the Resume Search page

– Step 1: Access to VietnamWorks website for employers: Employer.vietnamworks.com

– Step 2: Sign in/ Sign up

In order to search for candidates as well as to use the utilities for employers, you need to:

Sign Up (If you do not have VietnamWorks’ employer account)/
Sign In (If you have VietnamWorks’ employer account)


– Step 3: Click the “Search Candidates” button


The new Resume Search version will be displayed as below:


  • On the right side is the list of candidates that recently updated their profile. This indicates that these users are active and have a higher chance of looking for jobs
  • On the left side is the panel for filters. You can select different criteria (Detail below) to see only the most matching candidates for your needs.

II. Resume keywords and filters

You can include some special operators into the keyword so as to receive a more exact result


Operator Sample keywords Search result
  IT director Return resumes that contain both ‘IT’ OR ‘director’
” “ “IT Director “ Return resumes that contain exact “IT Director”
IT Director
Return resumes that contain ‘IT’ and ‘Director’ but not ‘VietnamWorks’
You could use this operator to exclude employees from your company.

Besides the search bar, the new Resume Search has many filters that you can apply to your search results.

Click ‘Filter more +’ to see full list of filter


ezgif.com-resize (5)

III. Result list

After filtering & sorting, you are now able to see the list of candidate’s profiles with important details, including:

  • Candidate’s name
  • Professional title
  • Latest company
  • Year of experience
  • Expected salary
  • Working location
  • Last update date


Each page displays maximum 20 candidate profiles. You can also move to other pages at the bottom of the list

Tip: you can hole key Ctrl (for windows) or command (for Macs) and left click on the candidate’s name or See detail button to open the profile in new tab while staying in the result list page