Resume Search is a candidate’s profile search tool for employers on VietnamWorks website. Realizing the potential and importance that this function offers, the Resume Search 2.0 version has been launched with significant improvements in search’s function and appearance.

How to use the new Resume Search version:

I. Visit the Resume Search page

– Step 1: Access to VietnamWorks website for employers:

– Step 2: Sign in/ Sign up

In order to search for candidates as well as to use the utilities for employers, you need to:

Sign Up (If you do not have VietnamWorks’ employer account)/
Sign In (If you have VietnamWorks’ employer account)


– Step 3: Click the “Search Candidates” button


The new Resume Search version will be displayed as below:


II. Start searching for resumes:


  1. Enter the keywords to search

On the search bar, enter the keyword such as Job Title, Job Function, etc.

  1. Filter by Title – Search by Job Title Only

Click the “Search by Job Title Only” box to search candidates whose profiles have the same job title as provided keyword.

  1. Filter by Category

Click the “Select Category” box to select candidate’s job category. You can choose up to 3 categories.

  1. Filter by Location

Click the “Select Location” box to select candidate’s expected working location. You can choose up to 3 locations.

  1. Filter by Last Activity

Timeline indicates the last time updated by candidates. You can move the bold point on slide bar to the desired time.

For example: If you slide from 1 week to 1 month, the last updated profiles within 1 month will be shown in search result.

  1. Filter by Language

Click the “Select Language” box for expected language. Click the “Language Proficiency” box for expected Language level.

Select only (01) Language and (01) Language Proficiency at the same time.

  1. Filter by Job level

Click each Level button for expected candidate’s level, such as: Experienced.

  1. Filter by Year of experience

Move the bold point on slide bar to select the candidate’s years of experience.

For example: Slide from 2 years to 5 years, candidates who have from 2 to 5 years of experience will be displayed in search result

For fresher, slide 2 bold points at 0 year.

For candidates who have more than 10 years of experience, slide 2 bold points at 10+ years.

  1. Filter by Salary range

Move the bold point on slide bar to select expected salary range.

For example: Slide from $500 to $1000, candidates who have expected salary from 500$ to 1000$ will be displayed in search result.

10. Click “Search” button after completing the search criteria.

The result will be shown as selected. You can change all above criteria based on your requirement to search the suitable candidates.


III. Result list

After filtering & sorting, you are able to take reference important contents mentioned in profiles of candidates through the Result List

  • Result List:

The left column represents search results according to your input criteria. You can drag to see the entire list. You are also able to move to another page at the bottom of the list


  • Compact profile:

In the summary list, you will see compact profiles of candidates. Therein, you can take references the most important information of the candidates including name, current address, previous company, job position, year of experience, desired salary and required number of credit(s) that you have to pay for viewing contact information of candidate(s).


  • Detailed profile:

When you click on the compact profile, main content of the candidate’s profile shall be displayed in right corner of your screen. There are 2 tabs as follows:

❏ SUMMARY: Main Information of Candidate’s Profile.



If the candidate uses Online Profile, this section will display detailed information about the employment history as well as details of the candidate.

If the candidate uses the Attached Profile (Attached Resume), this section will display the Attached Profile that the candidate uploaded.


IV. View contact information of candidates

After viewing the candidate’s preliminary information and you would like to:

– Click More details to go to the details of candidate profile. Then click View contact information to view the contact information of this candidate.

– Click View contact button to view the contact information of this candidate immediately.

After viewing contact information of candidate, your Resume Searching package will be deducted according to the credit(s) of that resume.


After clicking on “View Contact Information“, the resumes will be automatically saved in “My Candidates > By Resume Search >Completed Resumes“. You should keep the record of the “Completed Resumes” on the computer (.pdf or .doc file format) by clicking on  “Download Resume“. After 60 days since the package has expired, the resumes will not be saved in the folder “Completed Resumes” anymore.