If you are interested in a job posted on VietnamWorks, you can click the job title to view job detail. Then, you can click Apply now.


  1. Choose application to apply by one of these two methods:
  • Send resume created and approved on VietnamWorks: choose Online Profile on VietnamWorks by clicking the circle icon. After that, click Send Application.
  • Send your resume uploaded from computer (You can only attach .doc, .docx, and .pdf files that are less than 2048KB in size): please click Upload new CV and upload your resume. After that, click Send Application.

Please note: you may be required to type Cover Letter before applying.  Employers can choose one of three options for Cover Letter (Required, Optional, Not Required).

2. When the Congratulations! page shows up, your application is sent directly to Employer.


  • You can send application only one time per job.
  • Your resume will always be sent automatically and directly to the Employer’s email and stored in their VietnamWorks account. Therefore, Employers will be able to review your application any time.