Navigos Group has just launched a new website: VietnamWorks Learning – an online education and training platform for officers. For the convenience of users in using both VietnamWorks and VietnamWorks Learning platforms, VietnamWorks has just launched a new toolbar: showing the number of courses you have paid on VietnamWorks Learning on the right corner of the Dashboard, which makes it easier for you to have an overview of your paid courses. You only need to sign in one account to use services of both platforms.



Information provided by the COURSES section:

  • The number of courses which you paid successfully. You can click VietnamWorks Learning for quick access to My Courses at VietnamWorks Learning.
  • Finished: the courses which you have watched all the video content. Click on the number of courses or Finished to access these courses.
  • Learning: the courses that you have not completed yet. Click on the number of courses or Learning to access these courses.