VietnamWorks would like to thank you for trusting and choosing us as your top partner in finding your dream job and moving up on your career path.

Recently, we have received many reports that some people/organizations used VietnamWorks’ brand name to send emails to some of our Job Seekers to introduce jobs. After that, they requested Job Seekers to pay maintenance fee of typing software by phone cards. We would like to confirm that during 22 years operating in recruiting service, VietnamWorks has never charged any fee from Job Seekers.

At VietnamWorks, all employees call themselves “Dream Makers” (or those who help people achieve their dreams). Our greatest happiness is to see you find a dream job, and continue to move up in your career. We do not tax your dreams.

Through this incident, we would like you to be more careful with other similar situations. Please verify the information, avoid any transaction with unreliable sources. Moreover, if you have any feedback about similar situations or need more information, please contact us at one of the following contact points below:

  1. Email us at
  2. Call us directly at 1800 7100

Once again, VietnamWorks would like to thank you for trusting us in your career path. We will continue to provide you with quality jobs and useful information to help you achieve your dreams promptly.