– “Tracking my competitive rate” is a function that helps candidates get an overview and compare their capabilities with other candidates applying for the same position.

– By providing statistical chart data about:

1. Years of experience.


* Note: Candidates who do not provide information about their job level, number of years of experience, and desired salary will be displayed as Undefined.

2. Job Level.


3. Salary.

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– From the candidate’s data, VietnamWorks calculates the “Competitive rate” for candidates to refer to and make their own assessment of the job opportunity they just applied for.

– “Competition rate” will be shown from 0 -> 100%:

+ 100%: Corresponding to candidates in the group with the highest qualifications.

+ 0%: Corresponding to candidates in the group with the lowest qualifications.

* Note: “Competitive rate” is objectively assessed by VietnamWorks to assist candidates in an overall assessment of opportunities. Therefore, the employer still has the right to decide the outcome of the application process for each candidate.

How to view competitive rate stats?

  1. You need to log in and need to update your profile well.
  2. Then you apply for the job of your dreams (See how to apply at this link).
  3. After applied successfully, you could click on “View stats” to see details of the analysis results of VietnamWorks.


How to review the competitive rate of the job applied?

  1. Go to My Jobs -> select “Applied job”.
  2. Then, you click “View competitive rate details”.