Each job seeker account can have: 01 VietnamWorks profile and up to 03 Attached CVs.

1. VietnamWorks profile: Recently we have not had a function to delete this resume. You can change Searchable/Unsearchable status or update this resume.

2. Attached CV:

Requirement: It is mandatory to have at least 01 attached resume in the account.

To delete a profile you no longer want to use, please follow these steps:

  • In My Profile > My attached CVs section (your account must has 2 or more attached resumes).
  • Click on the 3-dot icon next to the name of the resume you want to delete.
  • Click Delete and confirm delete resume.

Note: Employers can still view deleted profiles if you have applied for any positions with that employer.

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If this FAQ is not helpful, or if you have any other feedback, please contact our Customer Support Department via email: contact@vietnamworks.com or click the Zalo icon in the bottom right corner of the website to connect with a support agent.