1. Access to VietnamWorks employer website

2. On the header bar, click on “Orders”

3. Choose sub-tab  “Share product lists” 


4. Click “Share now” if you are new to this feature, or  click ‘Share products on the top right corner to start sharing

share15. Fill in email address that you want to share products with and click on Continue button       

(Notes: You can only share products with main accounts that registered on the VietnamWorks Employer site). 


6. In this screen, You will select the product list you want to share by filling in the quantity you want to share. Then click Share button.

share37. Confirm Sharing products


8. Products sharing successfully


In Order list, tab in-use, you will notice the order that you have shared will have a note ‘Sharing order’ next to it, and the column ‘Total’ will show two values x/y while:

  • X: The actual product quantity that you can use after all the shares
  • Y: The initial product quantity when you first purchase the order