After the share request is approved by the VietnamWorks team, you – the recipient – can use the products normally. 

You can see your list of shared product in Orders list -> tab ‘Shared products


Notes: If you share the products in a same order multiple times to the same user, the product quantity will be displayed as the sum of all shares. These products are used under the first-in-first-out mechanism, which means products that are shared first will be used first.

For example: 

If user A share to user B two times:

  • 1st share: 100 Job Post
  • 2nd share: 20 Job Post

User B will see 120 Job Post in their Shared products tab. When they posted a job, 1 Job Post product will be used in the 1st share. Until 100 Job Posts are used up, the system will start to use Job Post in the 2nd share.